1. Stay Strong

From the recording Stay Strong

1st song off of Arrington's 2nd Album "The Underdog".


Arrington - "Stay Strong"
Album: The Underdog
Would they still like me if I didn't have money? If I didn't have fame?
If i didn't have this talent? If I wasn't here playing?
Stay strong, cause you'll never know who the betrayers are until it's too late, who the liars are until it's too late, who the cheaters are until it's too late. If you want my trust, then don't lie to me. Cause the worst thing about betrayal is that it never comes from the enemy. No one is worth taking your own life that they've know. Even if you choose to live in this world alone. Since sex is easier to get, true love is hard to find. So I don't know if I want this anymore cause I'm losing my mind. I'm getting close to stopping, whether people care or not. Show me real love, then she can touch my spot.
Vocals: Arrington Williams
Lead Guitars 1 and 2: Arrington Williams
Rhythm Guitar: Arrington Williams
Bass Guitar: Arrington Williams
Drums: Arrington Williams (Using drum app)