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Arrington - Don't Jump To Conclusions

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"Hey! Dont jump to conclusions, What more do I have to say to a bunch of people who are already taking my whole lifestyle as offensive?
This world is full of different cultures, many different traditions, many different religions, and a whole lot of history.
But people will treat you bad just because you arent what they want you to be or what they expect you to be, we all arent going to act the same.
If you bully someone long enough, they'll either stop what they're doing or they'll just get use to it.
You don't know what i've been through. Because, all you see are the results.
And i know the only peaceful place in this world is inside my own mind if thats the way it should be.
Take it all away from me, because im tired of their prejudice.
Whats wrong with me? Whats wrong with you? Whats normal for one person may be crazy towards another.
Ive heard them say the most foolish things to justify their actions. They say they speak truth, but their reflection is all a lie.
It's all a lie.
It's all a lie."