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Arrington - Someone's Gonna Suffer (Remastered)

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"They thought they could say whatever they want, but now they've said too much.
I've been listening to them long enough, and now they've lost their touch.
I've been hearing their nonsense everyday and I can't go much further.
Because i've been patient this whole time until
(I heard blasphemy!)
Now someones gonna suffer
(I heard blasphemy!)
someones gonna suffer
They better run. they better hide, because the torches we're carrying are so bright. That they can see us from a mile away, their men, their women, and children.
Everything is just a joke to them, their happiness in vain.
No one here is serious until someone is slain.
They grabbed their swords and their flintlocks because a war has just begun.
Now it's time, for them to learn the hard way because.
(I heard blasphemy!)
Now someone's gonna suffer.
(I heard blasphemy!)
someone's gonna suffer
Dead men tell no tales,
it's either Heaven or Hell.
They thought I was dead but I gave the orders and,
the cannons fired at their ships and down goes another!
and down goes another,
and down goes another.
someone's gonna suffer
(I heard Blasphemy!)"