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Arrington - Solitude (I Need To Be Alone Now)

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"Just because they're rich, that's no excuse to betray us.
Just because they're poor, that's no excuse to steal from us.
Even a kid can be disguised as an adult.
They don't understand the Church so they call us a cult.
Even a killer doesn't want to be killed.
Even a thief doesn't want to be robbed.
Even a cheater still wants loyalty,
and the prostitute still doesn't want to be raped.
I've learned an important lesson, that wisdom can be a threat.
And if you treat other people the same way they treat you, they'll get upset.
Now I need to clear my mind.
Watch the way you treat people cause you'll end up losing men and women in this world who you can't regain.
Keep acting like you don't care how hurt that person is and watch how even the most nicest people in this world can still turn completely heartless in the end.
Now they don't care just like you didn't care, and everything before doesn't matter anymore.
Because no one is going to keep giving their all to someone without getting anything in return.
A man doesn't have to say a whole lot in order to let people know not to mess with him.
And a woman doesn't have to act like a harlot in order to get my attention.
There's a time and place for everything.
And if i'm willing to do anything to please her, then she should be willing to do the same thing for me.
But a love that's lost is still more attractive than a love that's gained.
I need to be alone now in solitude because it's hard trying to keep treating people right while they're doing you wrong.
Just like i'm leaving you alone, leave me alone."