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Arrington - Gothic Latina

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"You had a whole life ahead of you and you almost threw it away.
Even though you wanted to go I wanted you to stay.
They think they know but you're hallow.
Your precious life shouldnt go to waste and your beauty should remain.
Love can blind you to that person's faults and that can be a concern. Because it can be a good or bad thing depending on if that person loves you in return.
You had no man in your life.
And you'll never know how something is until you give it a chance.
And I may not know how you are but there's one thing that I know.
Im sick and tired of coming across alot of people who dont know.
Who jump to conclusions. She wont like you until you dont like her anymore.
Will anyone let me show them that there's more to this world than just what they're use to being around?
I know alot of girls are gullible, they fall in love more easier than boys. But when you saw that I felt the same, you knew that your emotions weren't in vain.
What happened to being a bad girl who didnt care what people think?
I thought you were going to do whatever you want?
Then stop focusing on cultures and traditions.
Just because all those people don't like me, that doesn't mean you wont.
And I held your hand this whole time. Now lay down, you're gonna be here for awhile.
You knew from the jewel thats on your finger, that you'll never be alone again.
You knew, you'll never be alone again.
You'll never be alone again.
You knew, You'll never be alone again."