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Arrington - Rebellion

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"We have nothing left, nothing left but tears,
cause we've been in bondage over 200 years.
The war is over and the people are set free,
but they're still treating those men like they're the enemy.
And now they want to put me to shame,
cause our ways are different even though our complexion is the same,
they arent hurting me, they're only hurting themselves.
I know they are cause i use to act similar to them.
Bad company so I chose to stay alone. But there's still alot of stuff I thought just because I was mad that those people dont live the way i want them to live even though I still never said anything to them.
Just because she chosen him over me, that doesn't mean that he's better,
or those girls are really missing out ignoring me cause im not Hispanic,
Two cats can't bring satisfaction like how two dogs actually can.
I'm not the only one who wanted people who always had an excuse why they dislike me.
Do you see what I mean? You don't think that i've seen people act in a way that made me mad cause they arent like what I want them to be? Like the way you men are coming at me? I just kept it to myself, but im not stupid, I just don't talk much, but I can still clearly see what's going on. We all want to stay seeing stuff the way we see it based off of how we are. And we've all said stuff just because we're mad, And most of us want to stay acting the way we act since we've been that way for so long whether its good or bad, and we've all said stuff just to make ourselves feel better, that includes me. So stop trying to interfere with other people's life just because they aren't living the way you want them to live, because if you go around worrying too much about what other people think and how other people are, then you're gonna stress your own self out. I didn't have to go against what that book says so that men and women will like me. Cause when i watch the heretics and the way those men love to live their lives, it's not like we don't act the same way to a certain extent. They just don't understand the importance of serving our Lord. I saw the problem, they didn't understand the importance of law, order, rules, regulations, and religion, cause those men reject all of those things, but they still arent the only men here who believe that sex and violence, love and war, are the two greatest pleasures in this life. That's still how his people were in the days of old just like the vikings. So just be you, because thats the only thing you can be. And stay in your territory, cause thats the only way you'll be happy. And always remember, only you have control over the way people see you. Im not going to change the type of person i am cause other people are taking me the wrong way. Im going to show them how I really am. When I fought back then, it wasnt because I was trying to make a name for myself, it wasnt because I wanted all the attention on me. It wasn't because of pride. It was because I wanted them to stop bothering me. Some people will take you being different from them as an offense. Im tired of arguing with people, especially people who don't want to listen. I didnt care about money and I didnt care about fame. I didnt care whether I was played on the radio or not. All i cared about in the end is this music. Playing the way I want to play, expressing myself, the way I feel, and what happened in my life through my own style, through my own creativity. Because in the end, that's what helped me get my mind off of everthing and everyone."